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Speak It Into Existence, Sis! (Planner/Journal)

The “Speaking It Into Existence, Sis! Journal,” is a dynamic and empowering journal designed to help individuals set and manifest their goals, aspirations, and dreams. Inspired by the concept of speaking one’s desires into reality, this journal encourages users to articulate their visions, hopes, and intentions through the act of writing. With a focus on personal growth, self-empowerment, and positive affirmation, the journal provides prompts and space for reflection, goal setting, and daily affirmations.

Created with a strong emphasis on empowering women and encouraging them to take charge of their destinies, the “Speaking It Into Existence, Sis! Journal” is a supportive tool for those looking to track their progress, boost self-confidence, and stay motivated on their journey towards success and personal fulfillment. It is a beautiful blend of self-expression and goal-oriented planning, perfect for anyone seeking to manifest their dreams and aspirations through the power of intention and positive thinking.

Available: Jan. 15, 2024


Ink and Paper Type: Black & white interior with white paper
Bleed Settings: Bleed (PDF only)
Paperback cover finish: Matte
Trim Size: 6×9 in
Page Count: 180
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 6 cm
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