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“Color Canvas: Her Voices, Her Stories!”

“Color Canvas: Her Voices, Her Stories” is a captivating journal dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of women from diverse racial backgrounds. This vibrant publication serves as a platform for women to share their compelling narratives, insights, and creative expressions. Through evocative essays, art, and photography, “Color Canvas” weaves a rich tapestry of unique stories and interconnected experiences. Each issue delves into a range of themes, from personal journeys to societal issues, offering a fresh perspective on the world through the eyes of women. Our mission is to inspire empathy, understanding, and unity, celebrating the strength, resilience, and creativity that women of all races contribute to our global community. Join us as we explore the colorful and multifaceted stories of women, revealing the common threads that bind us together in the intricate fabric of womanhood. “Color Canvas: Her Voices, Her Stories” is a testament to the power of diversity and the enduring spirit of women worldwide.


Ink and Paper Type: Black & white interior with white paper
Bleed Settings: Bleed (PDF only)
Paperback cover finish: Matte
Trim Size: 6 x 9 in
Page Count: 162
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